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Kasa is a portrait of a person living in the modern age. He created a character called Kasa whose identity was shaped by social media. Kasa represents anonymity in the internet world.

In modern society, various information is digitized; truth and virtual images are mixed and saturated. We are looking for the virtual image in reality, and reality in the virtual image. We are at the mercy of information that is accumulating at lightning speed. After the advent of smartphones, social media grew rapidly. Algorithms, as democratized and rationalized information, are constantly circulating, and people's minds are unknowingly dyed in other colors. From this digital information, we seek peace in a convenient truth that has been gathered and we unknowingly intensify it. What you thought, what you expressed -- is it really you? Who are you? As an artist living in this time of digital and technological expansion, Léo tries to understand how he pursues the expression of these contradictions that occur in modern society.

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